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What We Think About Our Company

Artificial Intelligence, Cloud, Blockchain, and traditional automation/digitization is not only benefiting the corporate sector but also the governments and individuals. We at 10Data Pvt. Ltd is facilitating our clients by developing web, mobile and desktop applications in both traditional and emerging technology platforms.

Our Services

Web Development

We aim to develop professional, intelligent, elegant and responsive web applications and portals that require less human interventions

App Development

We want to empower low end mobile user to enjoy over developed mobile application in iOS and android both.

Internet Marketing

We are well-versed with all the digital marketing aspects to help build brands through effective social media marketing campaigns and search engine optimization.


Let’s brand your startup and business through visuals to reach maximum audience.

Cyber Security

We want to protect you from attacks by analyzing your web and networks for vulnerabilities

Artificial Intelligence

Let’s the machine decides for you whether it is healthcare, Big text data or Sensor data.

Our Projects


We have develop a complete CMS for ikhlas, a welfare and religious organisation. Moreover, a mobile application in both android and iOS platforms has been developed.


Safron Natural deals with selling cosmetics, skin and beauty products made up from natural ingredients. 10data developed a web and mobile application (iOS and Android) for the company.


RESQUE is a web portal developed for the civil and structure engineering research and development community.

Our Team

Requirement Analysis Team

We want to empower low end mobile user to enjoy over developed mobile application in iOS and android both.

Quality Assurance Team

Rigorous testing both technically and functionally always lead to successful projects. This belief practiced here in our organization with dedicated team.

Software Developers Team

Software development team is the backbone of any IT firm. We poses diverse technology team members such as UI/UX designers, front end designer, back end de velopers and AI engineers.

Requirement Analysis Team

Our experience tells us that it is deem important for any software or application to understand complete businesses processes. Here, we follow IEEE Software Requirement Specification (SRS) standard.

Social Media Marketing Team

The billion population over social media platforms encourage businesses to use tools and techniques to reach out their potential clients. We want to facilitate our clients for such services.

Business Development Team

Our dedicated team always meet the clients to identify their issues and providing solutions, enhancing their businesses by ICT/IT interventions.

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